• At SHAHI COLD STORAGE, we provide all the resources you need to keep your stored items safe, accessible and out of the way until you need them. We want to keep our customers happy, and go the extra mile to work within their budget. Since 1999, we have provided exceptional storage solutions to the PRATAPGARH, and guarantee safety and flexibility in all we do.

  • Temperature-controlled cold storage is mainly used for the storage of grains, dry fruits, spices, and non-resperate produce. In this type of storage, the constant pre-determined temperature is maintained throughout the room to create an ideal atmosphere for storing sensitive food items.


  • At Natural Storage Solutions our professionals use the latest technology and quality products for designing superior Temperature Controlled Cold storage units. A uniform temperature is maintained throughout the unit in minimal power consumption. We ensure uninterrupted operation and noiseless functioning while maintaining the freshness of the good stored till they reach the customer.